There’s Soup On My Fly!

The story we are bringing to life is THERE’S SOUP ON MY FLY! by David Seow. Like most kids, Jeremy Alexander longs for a pet, any pet, but he doesn’t have any luck convincing his parents to get him one. When all seems lost a magic shape-shifting fly zips into his life. It’s the best pet ever of so he thinks. But Jeremy Alexander and his flu soon find themselves in
some very hot soup!

There’s Soup On My Fly! is a musical theatre performance that offers children a rich arts learning experience through story, songs, dances and a variety of masked and ‘lived’ puppet characters. The show aims to stimulate and develop children’s imagination and critical thinking skills/ Through the exploration of issues such as friendship and bullying, children will begin to gain a greater sense of self and social awareness, which are the essential building blocks for developing social and emotional learning competencies. There’s Soup On My Fly! stimulates a sense of wonder and learning at the same time it offers children an exciting and fun experience!