Theatre for Young Audience

Live/ Digital Arts Exposure Programmes for Primary School Assembly and other School-related activities

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The Learning Connections (TLC) is an approved arts education organisation by The National Arts Council since 2011 to promote arts education to lower and upper Primary School students through assembly plays. Our plays aim to:-

  • introduce theatre as an art form
  • spark imagination and ignite creativity
  • enhance social-emotional competencies and instill essential knowledge, life-skills and core values
  • raise critical consciousness and promote meaningful dialogue
  • foster character and citizenship qualities

Due to covid-19, school assembly shows are pre-recorded and presented via video streaming”

Storybook Theatre Shows

Story Book Theatre is an educational theatre that features selected children’s literature brought to life through “live or digital” performances by professional stage actors. Storybook Theatre promotes reading and cultivates the love for books using theatre & performing arts  as a platform to bring stories to life and stimulate children’s imagination. The heart-warming stories we choose are based on universal themes and celebrate positive values.

Programme Title: Storybook Theatre Show Synopsis​ 
Programme ID: AEP0519550

AESOP'S Fables

Programme Title: Aesop’s Fables
Programme ID: AEP0519171

Story Theatre and Aesop's Fable programme costs - 50% subsidised by the Tote Board Arts Grant!

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