Meet Our Team

TLC Founders

Elaine Ng


Juliet Chia


TLC Associates and Education Advisory Board

Matt Grey

Consultant – English Artistic Programmes and Development

Mary Ann Tear

Associate for English Theatre & Performing Arts

Dr. Peter Duffy

Education Advisory Board Member

Dr. Jennifer Hartley

Education Advisory Board Member

TLC Key Personnel

Asha Nathan

Head of English Drama/ Principal Mentor/ Professional Development Facilitator

Melissa Leung Hiu Tuen

Head of Chinese Drama/ Principal Mentor/ Professional Development Facilitator

Eve Tan

Educational Theatre Project Coordinator/Creative Designer

Sofie Sunny

Marketing & Communications Manager

Zuhairi Idris

Resident Assistant Director for Educational Theatre Shows

TLC Artist Educators

Jasmine Blundell

Lead/Mentor Drama Educator

Risa Ann Wong

Drama Educator

Nicole Ang

Bilingual Drama Educator/Administrator

Tan Weiying

Bilingual Drama Educator – Mentor

Liew Jia Yi

Bilingual Drama Educator

Auderia Tan

Bilingual Drama Educator

Shirley Tan

Drama Educator

Jeremy Leong

Drama Educator

Irah Maskus

Drama Educator

Reginal Allyn

Resident Drama Educator-FaciliActor (Drama/ Theatre)