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The Learning Connections (TLC) established since 2009, aims to inspire and impact early childhood educators and children in, about and through Drama and Theatre in Education

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TLC Drama Teaching Residency Programme


TLC Drama Residency or Optional Programmes
Offered in English or Chinese


TLC Drama Teaching Residency Programme is a teacher professional learning and development programme where an artist educator works with an early childhood educator (N2/K1/K2 class teacher) using a coaching and mentoring model. This residency programme has 2 main goals:

1. Individual teacher’s professional learning and development

1st 10-week training cycle: the artist educator will be modelling and coaching the teacher on how to use process drama-based strategies with quality children’s literature to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.

2nd 10-week training cycle (optional): the artist educator and the class teacher will engage in a mentoring/ co-mentoring process where both will collectively explore the use of process drama-based strategies in designing and facilitating teaching and learning across the curriculum domains.

2. Improving children’s critical literacy and civic engagement

Children are being regarded as active learners and agents in their own lives. They are given a safe space to reflect, dialogue, examine, evaluate, make personal and/or collective connections, and take actions on matters that concerned them, their community and the world around them.

the kids in the classroom roleplaying

Training structure:
Each training cycle is 10 sessions over 10 weeks ( 1 hours per session)
This programme is professional development and core curriculum focused.


(School arts education programme offered in English and/or Chinese)

TLC strongly believes that children are active agents in their own lives and this sense of agency is fundamental to creativity  and active citizenship. Hence, our specialised Drama education programme for pre-schoolers is designed and facilitated with the children in mind, providing them with the opportunity to learn in, about and through authentic drama experiences that are child-centred and process driven.

Using “Process Drama” as a teaching methodology, the Children’s Drama Club provides a safe space for children to rehearse for life. Drawing on children’s prior and/or current knowledge and experiences, the dramatic process provides opportunities for children to express themselves authentically, imagine and explore possibilities, develop critical consciousness and competencies to take actions to improve the wellbeing of their community. It is a collaborate learning journey between the teacher and the learners that do not necessarily place an emphasis on a performance-based outcome. It is a very personable approach to teaching and a methodology that we believe to be most appropriate and beneficial when working with preschool-aged children.

Our Educational Objectives:

the kids in the classroom roleplaying

Drama Residency Programme for Children from PG to K2 or Optimal Enrichment Programme for Children from PN to K2

Other programmes conducted by TLC under the National Art’s Council’s Arts Education Programmes for preschool children:¬†

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