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TLC provides consultancy services to preschool operators and continuous professional development trainings in Dramatic Arts for preschool leaders and teachers as well as Artist educators. TLC has been appointed by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to pilot the first Dramatic Arts training for preschool teachers in 2016.

TLC is also appointed by the National Arts Council (NAC) to offer Dramatic Arts to preschools under the Artist In Schools Scheme (AISS) starting in 2016. TLC offers Professional Development workshops on:

Professional Development


Our specialized drama workshops are aligned with our mission to support Early Childhood Educators in their  professional development journey. The workshops aim to promoting the development of essential competencies of a life long learner and educator.


Our hands-on workshops (Live/Online) are multi-modal and are rooted in process driven approaches that will have participants moving, enacting, sharing playing, learning and sometimes even dancing! Participants will be actively engaging in a community of practice through dialogues, co-construction and application of knowledge and skills in meaningful contexts.


Our programmes are tailored to the learning needs of educators working with various age groups in Early Childhood settings. Our programmes aims to:

A Process-Based Drama Pedagogy

Drama-based pedagogy involves the use of drama and theatre strategies in teaching and learning. It places importance on the process of children’s deep exploration of the content rather than meeting a standard set of performative outcomes. It develops children’s imagination, creativity and  activities their thinking and learning about themselves and the world around them in a joyful and meaningful way. The application of drama pedagogy in early childhood  environments supports all domains within the preschool education framework and promotes the overall development of children.

Drama for Learning- The Use of Drama in the Early Years Curriculum (Introductory)

Through this workshop, teachers will develop an understanding and appreciation of the value of drama in early childhood settings. They will learn how to ignite and expand children’s imagination to spark meaningful exploration of the NEL 6 learning domains (Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of  the World, Motor Skills Development, Aesthetics and Creative Expression Social-Emotional Development) by using simple drama strategies such as the ‘Teacher-in-role’
(TiR) technique.

Goal: At the end of the workshop, teachers will be able to appreciate the role of drama and apply it as a vechile for teaching and learning in a variety of settings.

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Promoting Young Children’s Creativity, Narrative and Social-Emotional Competence by Combining Play, Drama and Picture Books (Introductor)

Explore children’s literature to bring about and awareness of the world live in where children make meaningful connections between the text and self and discover important messages to support their social and emotional growth. In this interactive workshop learn drama strategies that promote the social skills of empathy, respect, self-control, kindness, cooperation,
problem-solving, and self-confidence in our young learners. By examining literature through a new lens, this workshops will build the foundation for shaping children’s hearts and minds through the arts. 

At the end of the workshop, teachers will be able to examine literature and drama strategies that promote children’s social-emotional development, with an emphasis on kindness, empathy, and respect for self and others.

Above workshops are offered in English 
and Chinese.

Who Should Attend the Workshops: ECDA-certified beginning preschool teacher to senior preschool teacher. This workshop contributes to teachers’ development and growth in performing their professional role as an educator, and towards fulfilling CPD requirements.

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