Workshops for Parents and Children

Workshop Dates:
4th December 2021 (Saturday)
11th December 2021 (Saturday)
9.00am – 10.00am
S$ 22.00 per parent and child

Shine Bright Show Light

In this highly interactive drama workshop, children and parents will learn about the story of Rudolph and how he saved the day!

Rudolph always knew he was a little different. When Rudolph is bullied by his peers for his unusual red nose, he worries Santa will never choose him to pull the sleigh. But on a particularly overcast night, he let his light shine no matter what the others said!

Specially designed to be delivered via ZOOM, our 60min parent and child workshop will push the boundaries for creativity, discovery, and imagination. Explore this heart-warming tale about kindness, acceptance, resilience and inclusivity through dramatic play, craft, and storytelling!