Arts For Change

Arts for Change (AFC) is TLC’s social mission that advocates mobilizing and empowering young children, educators, artists and families to positively impact our communities through the arts and active engagement. Our aim is to nurture our society and environment by empowering our peers through education, inclusive action, drama, and the arts. By utilizing the creativity of drama and passion already present in the arts community, we seek to raise funds and generate awareness for humanitarian causes, while continuing to promote the arts and community activism.

TLC collaborates with preschools to determine how we can effectively embed the arts as drivers of powerful learning experiences for young children. The collaboration also aims to unlock potential for teachers’ practice in using the arts as an effective medium to deliver school curriculum. The relationships between TLC, arts educators and the preschools aim to:

Through our advocacy for change, TLC strives to foster strong partnerships with like-minded people and organizations with a passion for the arts and culture in education to transform the lives of children and develop their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, helping them to achieve a more humanistic experience in relation to socio-emotional issues and circumstances in their daily lives.We are confident that through arts, children can be equipped with the right skills, dispositions and values to prepare them for the 21st century challenges that cannot be achieved solely through academic teaching in the classroom. We are passionate about giving young people a good head start towards a balanced and holistic educationTo find out more about AFC, please contact Juliet at email: [email protected].