School Arts Education Programmes

TLC collaborates with preschool organizations as a core arts education programme partner or as an optional programme partner to offer Arts as curriculum (drama-in-education) and/or Arts-Integrated Curriculum to children ages 18 months – 6 years old. Using the constructivist approach and drama as a critical pedagogy to teaching and learning, we aim to develop children’s critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, helping them to achieve a more humanistic experience in relation to socio-emotional issues and circumstances in their daily lives.

Our Educational Objectives:

The Children’s Drama Club

The Children’s Drama Club is being offered as a core or an optional arts curriculum for preschools. It provides ‘child-centred’ learning experiences as it draws on children’s current knowledge, understanding, interests and language while it seeks to extend them. The programme incorporates music, creative movement and visual arts to offer children multi-sensory and multi-dimensional learning experiences.

Using “Process Drama” as a teaching methodology for learning

Process is the purpose. Our drama experience begins with a task to be undertaken, a decision to be made, or a place to be explored. It is a collaborative experience between the teacher and the children, with the aim of stretching children’s imagination and developing a deeper understanding of the issue or challenge encountered, making important discoveries about themselves and others along the way.

We believe that children inhabit the world as fully as adults do – and our task as educators is to create opportunities, provide meaningful and active contexts for children to explore the relationships between language, identity and human behaviour in social circumstances, thus enabling them to make sense of the world, of themselves and of others, so they can thrive in it.

We encourage children to creatively use their facial expressions, voices, bodies and imagination to explore personal experiences, ideas and social issues in ways that have artistic, social and emotional dimensions. It is important to understand that the use of “process drama approach” in our programme does not necessarily place an emphasis on a performance-based outcome. This approach allows children to practice life and social skills, develop an awareness and understanding of the characters in the story and thus build perspective-taking skills. It is a very personable approach to teaching and a methodology that we deem to be most appropriate and beneficial when working with preschool-aged children.

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