Cultural & Heritage Digital Series for Preschool Children

Once Upon A StoryTime: Cultural & Heritage Digital Series for Preschool Children

Suitable for children 4-6 years

Majie Ah Di‘s Letter (妈姐阿娣的信)

Digital Storytelling performance in Mandarin – Adapted from the story concept by Wong Seet Fun

Once Upon a Storytime is also an approved NAC-AEP 2022. NAC partner selected
preschools/childcare centres can receive funding to purchase this show. Programme ID: AEP0519348

The show is available from 18th April 2022 onwards.
For more information or for show bookings, please contact: Juliet

Email: [email protected]

Majie Ah Di’s Letter 2022 (Digital version)

We are introducing young children to the long-forgotten “Majies” who came to Singapore from Guangdong Province to work as domestic servants in many expatriates and wealthy households between the 1930s and 1970s. (* Majie – a Chinese female domestic helper from bygone days; usually dressed in distinctive black and white samfu
outfit and with plaited hair or hair bun.)

故事宝盒 —《妈姐阿娣的信》

一个关于早期新加坡移民的历史, 妈姐打工的生活点滴

故事是让我们认识这个世界的一扇窗, 从远到近, 从古到今。
给幼儿讲故事, 不但对发展语言能力有帮助, 还可以丰富他们的想象力, 同
时培养孩子的情商。透过数码平台,打开我们的故事宝盒, 我们和孩子们
一起进入很久很久以前的新加坡, 跟随妈姐阿娣的脚步, 一起经历她的生活,