Why learning through drama is beneficial to child development.

Drama empowers children with social and learning skills that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Little children are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them. They take in everything they see, hear, feel and touch.  It is commonly used in Singapore schools and kindergartens to teach children how to speak, read and write. Drama classes can be fun for everyone involved because of their dynamic nature.

Drama provides a creative way for young children to express themselves while learning about language, social skills and emotional intelligence at the same time.

Expression through the voice and body

Drama can enhance your child’s ability to communicate using their voice and body. The use of puppetry, mask-making, storytelling or theatre games can be useful in realising this. 

Part of the drama arts curriculum for preschool children is about balances in verbal and nonverbal expression through dramatic play, movement, songs and games. The result will be a lively introduction to language and arts education – they will learn about themselves by getting creative with movement and speech exercises. 

They`ll also have opportunities to practice actors` improvisation and playacting skills, which are valuable life skills for any age.

Cultivate confidence and self-esteem.

Being in a drama on stage allows children to be in front of an audience without pressure or embarrassment. As they perform on stage in front of their parents and friends, it teaches them about taking centre-stage away from other people’s eyes; it teaches self-confidence and showmanship that can translate into future careers such as sports commentators or presenters.

Encourages kids to be creative.

Children immerse themselves in the world of drama by using their imaginations, creativity and wit to make puppets from everyday materials like cardboard boxes. They learn necessary acting skills through playing theatre games and creating monologues for their puppets. It’s a different school academic programme approach as it taps into kids’ interests and talents while making light work of teaching them what they need as early actors.

Learning languages and research skills

Drama education for preschool children is an inspiring way to help your child fall in love with languages and learn necessary research skills.

As kids embrace the drama play they are in, it encourages them to learn more about it. Interested children are likely to research the drama play they are in and the character they play.

It encourages research exercises like asking questions, reading books and, at a minimum, watch videos on YouTube with regards to their interest.

Teamwork promotes social and communication skills.

Drama is an excellent way for children to learn about being part of a team. The children work in a team to put on productions such as a drama or concert. They perform and rehearse under an adult teacher’s guidance, taking turns with different roles throughout the performance. 

They will learn how to listen and follow directions collectively and individually.

Throughout this process of working together, they will develop socialising and communication skills when supporting one another.

Drama helps children develop social skills like empathy.

In drama class, children learn an acting skill while learning about characters and storylines.

Acting out a scene during drama class is an excellent way for children to develop their empathy and emotional intelligence. 

Children will learn how to understand others’ emotions through their connection with peers during play acts. It also helps them identify and interpret characters in books better.

Drama lessons are fun for the child.

Today’s kids have a lot of things to do. Between school, extracurricular activities and homework, they barely have any time left for themselves.

Even though drama classes are challenging, they’re fun and rewarding. Plus, children get to bond with friends while studying something different!. Definitely an excellent choice for extracellular activity.

The Learning Connections’ Drama Arts Education for Children Programme

Drama is a powerful tool to develop children’s confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

Our drama programme for children aims to teach them the art of storytelling through play-acting, role-playing and improvisation. We also use drama as a platform to encourage creativity in our young learners by facilitating them to explore their unique talents and gifts.

Our Drama classes will help your child discover his/her potentials in life, whether it be an actor or director or even just being able to think outside the box! It will help your child develop into a well-rounded individual who can communicate effectively with others while building up his/her confidence levels at the same time.

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