The Town Mouse & The Country Mouse

Town mouse visits his “ancestral homeland” and he meets his long-lost country cousin who invites him to stay. Soon  he finds that their lives couldn’t be more different and that he has absolutely nothing in common with his cousin. He decides to cut his visit short but invites Country Mouse to come home with him, so that he can show him how much better life  can be in the city. Country Mouse agrees. When they arrived, Country Mouse is shocked and could not adjust to city life. This  sparks an argument between the two mice and they have to find a way to resolve their differences. The two mice soon learn  that it is not that one place is better than the other, but rather a difference in cultures and lifestyles and that they  have to come to understand, respect and appreciate each others cultures. The story teaches perspective taking, empathy and respect for others. Through appreciation and perseverance for racial harmony, we can then achieve unity.

Also suitable forĀ  Racial Harmony Day/ International Friendship Day