Zuhairi Idris

Resident Assistant Director for Educational Theatre Shows

Zuhairi Idris has been involved in Singapore’s arts scene for over a decade. He first started as an artist in Sentosa’s Songs of The Sea, and was subsequently promoted to artist manager when the now-defunct Wings of Time opened in 2015.

Individually, Zuhairi is active as an actor, content creator, entertainer, and producer. Having been involved in several Mediacorp programs such as Cakap Cakap, Dara Zara, and Gara Gara Syah & Nurul, Zuhairi is a familiar face on local television, online streaming content, as well as social media. Most recently, he has participated in Fiesta Komedi and Sinar Lebaran 2021.

As one-half of popular local comedy duo Lepak One Korner, Zuhairi also directed Lepak Live: Was-wasan 2020, their most well-received live show to date — currently the pinnacle of his filmography as director.