Eve Tan

Educational Theatre Project Coordinator/Creative Designer

Eve Tan has been in the arts industry for the past 2 decades and has participated in several art projects and exhibitions. Her experience includes programme manager for Art of Speed and Big Draw ’15 at Playeum and programme curator for My HeARTland Carnival on MediaCorp Channel 8.

Eve likens hard work and celebration to dirt and champagne that is part and parcel of creative projects. As a designer, Eve specialises in set design, she was involved in theatre festivals, such as 0600 (SIFA 2018), It’s a Happy Happy World (Silver Arts2018), The Rubbish Prince (Arts in Your Neighbourhood) She was the art director for Studio Disney @Disney Channel and U Pick Live @ Nickelodeon TV. She also does wardrobe styling for Singapore films, such as 7 Letters (Boo Junfeng), Blood Ties, Kallang Roar the movie and Singapore Dreaming.

As an artist, she works primarily in mixed media. Her works were featured at 791 Museum at Nanchang, China, National Museum, Coda Culture, The Substation and Your Mother Gallery. Eve started exploring performance art in school and took a break. In 2014, she curated an exhibition entitled ‘A Little Bit of Oomph!’. It was an exhibition that brought women in a community to the arts. At the opening of the exhibition, she did a performance art piece I’m Every Woman to celebrate the life of women. For Wu Wei Performance Series 2018, Eve performed a piece entitled Still I Rise, featuring the sex workers working in the vicinity. Her Trashy Queen performance series has been shown online and in China and Vietnam.