Mia Amiata (My Beloved)

(Also suitable for Total Defence Day or Environmental Awareness/Earth Day)

Taking inspiration from “The Lorax” by Dr Seuss and “Luna and Me” by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, this play aims to motivate the audience to play an active role in the place they live in

On a very rainy day, Alex is stuck at home…. He cannot go out and he is bored with nothing much to do…. He stares outside his windows looking at the rain wondering when it will stop pouring so he can go out and play…

Tick tock… Tick tock… Minutes went by… The rain continues to fall…
Tick tock… Tick tock… Hours went by… The rain continues to fall…
Tick tock… Tick tock… No, we are not going to sit aroung and wait!

He decided to find something exciting to do. He went about searching the entire house and found an old looking chest box and decided to see what treasures could be inside. He found a strange looking book titled “Mia Amata” and he is drawn to the book immediately. But this book is weird… There’s no story in the book! Yes, there’s no story in the storybook! Only a set of instructions….. Unsure what is going on he can only close the book and find something else to do. However, he cannot take his mind off the book. Before long,
he is back staring at it.

Join Alex in a whimsical adventure as he learns important life lessons about defending and protecting that which you truly care about. It doesn’t matter who you are, how young/old you may be , as long as you care enough you can make a difference. This play also embodies the core values (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony) to guide students to discern between right and wrong, help them to make responsible choices
and become more aware of their roles in society.