I am (New Show! Available from March 2021)

(Also suitable for International Friendship Day and Racial Harmony Day)

The Alphabets and Numbers are having field day arguing about who is more important, again. The argument of who is more important is never-ending. Everyone want to the “THE” most important but is this really the crux of the matter? To add to the mix, there’s a new friend. Symbols who have just
fearful about this big change in his life. Yet Alphabets and Numbers are all engulfed in their never-ending saga and simply couldn’t look beyond their own selfless desires… What is it going to take for Alphabets and Numbers to learn to appreciate one another and for Symbols to overcome his fears and embrace the future?

“I Am” brings the audience onto Symbol’s journey as he learns to embrace who and what he is, entering a new and unfamiliar environment. With strong characters such as Alphabets and Numbers determined to establish their importance, it is taking a toll on Symbols. Whenever we feel like we don’t belong… Can we learn to embrace who and what we are? To be brave and comfortable in our own skins? “I Am” is Symbols’ desire to be able to proudly be and declare “I am who I am. I am proud of what I am.”

Taking inspiration form ” The Day You Begin” by Jacqueline Woodson, the book explores situations that school-age children encounter and how they can be empowered to overcome differences from their peers.

Alphabets, Numbers and Symbols each represent the people of a race, country, cultural group. Each with their own cultures and beliefs it is not always easy for others to understand the way they think, feel or respond. This is when mutual understanding and respect comes in a nd together, we can create a positive and empowering environment where everyone is welcomed and friendships are formed, regardless.