Key Personnel

Key Personnel
    • Melissa Chiew

      Melissa Chiew


      Melissa is TLC’s Manager. She is part of the curriculum development team for the Arts Education Programmes and she is also the Assistant Producer for Educational Theatre Shows.

      Melissa has a wide variety of experience in a multitude of creative roles for TV, Film and Theatre. She trained in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Diploma in Mass Communication, and is a graduate of the BA(Hons) Theatre + Performance course at LASALLE College of the Arts.

      Melissa previously worked as a TV Producer and Manager for Children’s edutainment shows based in Singapore and Shanghai. She assisted in developing edutainment content created by Cartoonist Øistein Kristiansen, such as drawing and creativity books, television shows, online media engagement, art events, and enrichment curriculum. Her background in Media and Theatre grants her the understanding and practice of various artistic disciplines and creative learning through different platforms.

      As a Theatre Artist, she received an acting training scholarship from ExxonMobil through SRT’s The Young Company, and a final-year scholarship from LASALLE College of the Arts.

      Some highlights of her creative portfolio include Site-specific curatorial assistance in a  multi-disciplinary arts show, “Fireball 2011 (Ecnad)” at The Substation, a physical theatre performance in Si Woof Woof (Katak Kudung) directed by an established local Artist Noor Effendy Ibrahim, choreography for Agamemnon (SRT Young Co) directed by Michael Cobidge from the Royal Shakespeare Company, choreography for 13:34Musical (CANA) in the Singapore Expo Hall for an audience of 6000, performance in a 35-woman ensemble in Dream Country – A Lost Monologue ( Singapore Arts Festival 2012 ), and Director for an Intercultural Theatre project based on text from Knives in Hens by Scottish Playwright David Harrower for her final year Thesis in 2012.

      In June 2013, she was the Creative Director/Scriptwriter for a Humanitarian Concert “Dancing Rice”, a community theatre production that involved more than 100 children and youth performers from Cambodia and Singapore. This event was attended by international delegates and affiliates of Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives, Singapore (CHARIS).

      Melissa also teaches children at Mindchamps, and has facilitated drama and movement workshops for children and youth from at-risk communities. She believes in making performances and creative experiences which benefit the development of people. In September 2015, Melissa scripted/directed a play with video segments for 33 amateur actors based on real-life story interviews of residents in a neighbourhood community, and is currently creating a series of “Dancing Stories” workshops for a group of senior citizens on wheelchairs. At TLC, Melissa is a member of the Creative Team for Educational Theatre Shows and Curriculum Development for Programmes and Workshops.

    • Candice de Rozario
      Head of Educational Theatre

      Candice de Rozario

      Head of Educational Theatre

      Candice is the Head of TLC’s Educational Theatre arm. She writes and directs for TLC’s preschool and primary school shows.

      Candice, a classically trained mezzo-soprano who used to front a death-metal band, is a jill-of-all-trades who acts, sings, directs and does puppetry. She is a veteran stage performer in children, family and adults productions. She performed in The Emperor’s new Clothes (W!ld Rice), Junior Claus (SRT’s Little Co.), Puss In Boots (I Theatre), If There’re Seasons (The Theatre Practice), Company (Dream Academy), Fried Rice Paradise (SRT/PA), The Full Monty (Pangdemonium), Much Ado About Nothing (SRT) and many others. Her directing credits include Hey, Little Mousedeer, Little Mermaid and Little Green Frog, among others.

    • Abigail Ow
      Arts Management Executive

      Abigail Ow

      Arts Management Executive

      Abigail Ow is a graduate from NAFA with a Diploma in Arts Management majoring in Performing Arts. At the age of 6, her passion for theatre was ignited when she was chosen for a main role in preschool. She continued her love for performance when she joined a tertiary school choir to perform in Esplanade, Sentosa and Malacca, to name a few.

      After an accident in 2014, Abigail concreted her fervour in Performing Arts. Through music, she was able to heal physically and emotionally. During her free time, Abigail enjoys singing in cafes, restaurants and public spaces.

      Through her experiences, Abigail has become a strong believer of inculcating Arts and Music from an early age to enrich young creative minds. Abigail enjoys children’s company and often babysits. Her love for children is shown through her volunteering efforts at an orphanage in Chiangrai that she visits annually.

    • Asha Nathan
      Principal Mentor / Professional Development Facilitator

      Asha Nathan

      Principal Mentor / Professional Development Facilitator

      Asha holds a Master of Education in Drama from Nanyang Technological University. She has been in the Arts and Education industry for the last 12 years and has worked with many cultural, educational and arts organisations locally and overseas.

      Asha delivers Theatre, Drama and Language Arts programmes and develops curriculum and content for educational institutions. She directs stage productions and trains students in local and international arts academies, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

      Over the years Asha has had the opportunity to work on forum theatre, community theatre, youth theatre and children’s theatre projects with various ministries and organizations. She also designs and delivers specialised corporate training and teacher training programmes.

      It is her passion for the arts and interest in arts education that makes her a dedicated educator who believes that everyone must be exposed to and engaged in the arts for holistic growth and development.

    • Melissa Leung Hiu Tuen
      Principal Mentor / Professional Development Facilitator (Chinese)

      Melissa Leung Hiu Tuen

      Principal Mentor / Professional Development Facilitator (Chinese)

      Melissa started her active involvement in the theatre circle in Hong Kong. After graduating from Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a post-graduate degree in Education, her interest in performing arts led her to Singapore to pursue her training at Intercultural Theatre Institute (former TTRP), an independent theatre school for contemporary artists founded in 2000 by Singapore’s acclaimed theatre practitioners and cultural thought leaders, Kuo Pao Kun (1939 – 2002) and T. Sasitharan.

      After her graduation from ITI, she has been active as a teaching artist, performer and director. She was appointed as Director of Education and Outreach in The Theatre Practice from 2012-2016.

      Melissa has conducted drama workshops for kindergarten to secondary students, as well as teachers’ training in China, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Singapore. She is also a member of Singapore Drama Educator Association (SDEA)..