Meet our founders
    • Elaine Ng

      Elaine Ng


      Elaine Ng, an early childhood practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, continues to demonstrate her dedication, passion and leadership in the early childhood care and education arena. Elaine strongly believes that exposing young children to the arts at an early age is crucial to every child’s development. Due to her strong belief, she advocates the importance of the arts to early childhood educators, preschool operators and parents. Elaine holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Australia and has more than 20 years’ experience working with young children and preschool educators. A passionate early childhood leader and educator, she consults with preschool organizations and lectures at SEED Institute, Wheelock College and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She is also a research advisor, particularly in the area of language and arts education for the professional educators studying at UniSIM.

      Together with a team of artist educators in the theatre & performing arts arena, Elaine advocates the importance of the arts in early childhood education. She conducts seminars/workshops for educators and parents about arts education for young children and strives to promote the arts to be integrated into the preschool core curriculum. With the support of the National Arts Council and Early Childhood Development Agency, Elaine has successfully piloted an Interdisciplinary Arts Programme through the Artist in School Scheme for a preschool. She is an active committee member of the Singapore Drama Educators Association.

    • Juliet Chia

      Juliet Chia


      Juliet Chia has close to 30 years’ experience, of which more than 20 years is in key management positions specializing in Business Development and Brand Marketing. She has worked for several medium to large corporations in Singapore and overseas in the Hospitality, Education and Lifestyle industries. She spent 12 years working in Sydney and in the United States and was a Marketing Consultant for several free-lance lifestyle, charity and community projects.

      Juliet manages all business aspects and expansion for The Learning Connections and The Living Language. She also spearheads TLC’s educational theatre arm, working closely with the creative team to develop and produce fun, interactive children’s edutainment shows for preschool- and primary school-aged children. Juliet also heads TLC’s community project “Connecting Hearts Through Arts”, seeking support from like-minded individuals and companies to support TLC’s cause in providing young people from less privileged backgrounds (mainly low-income and single parent families) the opportunity to have access to the arts.